The Antarctican Society Slide Scanning Service

The 50 years from the International Geophysical Year in the late 1950’s to around 2006 marks not only a period of intense exploration and science in Antarctica, but also a time of widespread use of color film slide photography. Most people who went to Antarctica during this time took a camera with them. Many captured color slides because they served a dual purpose; they could be projected to groups in slide shows and could be made into print photos as desired. Hundreds of thousands – if not millions - of Antarctic slides now sit in trays, boxes, bags, attics, closets and maybe a few safe deposit boxes around the world. This is a vast historical record of places, people and events that could and should be shared by a wider audience.

With this as a goal, The Antarctican Society is now offering a free slide scanning service to its members! For the cost of certified shipping, any member can now submit an unlimited number of their Antarctic-related slides for conversion to digital form. The scanning is being done using a top-quality Nikon scanner. The only requirements are that the member indicate a date and location for each slide and grant the Society non-exclusive use of the resulting digital images for its website and Society publications. The member retains their copyright and will be credited for any use of the images. For more information on this exciting new service see the other documents on this page or contact Tom Henderson at