This page features a variety of videos from a wide range of sources and vintages. Many are from members. All relate to Antarctic history. All members are encouraged to submit similar material for archiving here, and linking to the Time Trek application. To open the page containing the video window, just click on the "Click Here" link under Reference.

The Great Sledge Journey of 1929Dr. Laurence GouldFilm captured and narrated by Dr. Gould on his 1500-mile traverse across the Ross Ice Shelf during the first Byrd ExpedtionClick Here
Byrd Antarctic Expedition 1933-35John DyerJohn Dyer, a radioman, captured and narrated this film on Byrd's second expedition Click Here
"Admiral, My Name is Corey"Allan PiperInterview with Stephenson Corey on his experiences during Byrd's second Antarctic expedition, 1933-35 Click Here
Amory "Bud" Waite Recollects BAE IINorthern New Jersey Amateur Radio Club1974 lecture by Amory Waite on his experiences in BAE II, including the rescue of Admiral Byrd from Advance BaseClick Here
USASE 1939-41J.F. RuttleJ.F. Ruttle, an officer on the supply ship North Star, captured this silent film during the United States Antarctic Service Expedition Click Here
Official Film of USASE 1939-41U.S. NavyOfficial film of the United States Antarctic Service Expedition of 1939-41, Byrd's third Antarctic expedition Click Here
The Secret LandU.S. NavyThis Hollywood-produced film is the official film of the Navy's Operation High Jump 1946-47, Byrd's fourth expedition to Antarctica and the largest ever Click Here
Norwegian-British-Swedish Expedition 1949-52Tom HendersonDr. Charles Swithinbank narrates these images from his first of many Antarctic expeditions. This was the first officially international expedition. Click Here
Ross Ice Shelf Traverse 1957-58Ed Williams, MD/ Leon DavisThis film, captured and narrated by Dr. Edwin Robinson, recounts the first mechanized traverse from McMurdo Station to the South Pole Click Here
The International Geophysical Year 1957Dr, Ralph GlasgalFilm captured and narrated by Dr. Glasgal on his experiences at Wilkes Station and other Antarctic locations during the IGY Click Here
Dr. Paul C. Dalrymple AutobiographyTom HendersonDr. Dalrymple tells his life story, including his time in Antarctica Click Here
1957 South Pole Winter StationDr. Robert BensonDr. Benson captured and narrated this film of his experiences as part of the first winterover crew at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station Click Here
IGY RescuesEd Williams, MDInterview with participants in two dramatic rescues of people involved in the IGY Click Here
Antarctic Traverse Adventures 1959-61Ed Williams, MDFilm narrated by Dr. Edwin Robinson on over-snow traverses undertaken after the IGY Click Here
History of The Antarctican SocietyTom HendersonInterview with Dr. Paul C. Dalrymple on the origins and history of The Antarctican Society Click Here
My Year at Hallett Station 1960-61Tom HendersonInterview with Joseph A. Kelly, MD on his challenging year at Hallett Station as Officer in Charge and Medical Officer Click Here
Ellsworth Mountains Expedition 1961-62John SplettstoesserJohn Splettstoesser narrates this account of his experiences on the first expedition to explore the isolated Ellsworth Mountains Click Here
Seasons with the Soviets 1963-65Tom HendersonDr. Charles Swithinbank narrates his time at the Novolazerevskaya Soviet base as an exchange scientist in 1963-65 Click Here
Antarctica: Laboratory for ScienceNational Science FoundationThe NSF produced this film to publicize its activities in Antarctica during the 1970's Click Here
AntarcticaNational Science FoundationThe NSF produced this film to publicize its activities in Antarctica during the 1980's Click Here