Personal Stories

This page is reserved for stories of personal experiences in Antarctica. They are glimpses of what life on The Ice was like for those fortunate enough to experience it.


The Year at Byrd Station, Deep Freeze 65/66

CDR Gordon Callender served with VX-6 at Byrd Station. This is his summary of the year's events there, along with photographs that he took. CLICK HERE.


Everyday Life at McMurdo, Deep Freeze 63/64

Richard Marquardt was an Aviation Mechanic and squadron artist for VX-6 in McMurdo. His personal stories are an insight on what life was like for a Navy enlisted man during Operation Deep Freeze 1963-64. CLICK HERE.


Exploration of Vanderford Glacier, 1957

Bob Long provided this account of his experience during the IGY, when the limits of man and machine were still being tested by scientists. Read the full story CLICK HERE.


Ross Ice Shelf Antarctic Expedition 1957-58

Bill Cromie's story is about the tractor traverse across the Ross Ice Shelf in the IGY led by U.S. Chief Scientist Albert Crary. Cromie knows whereof he speaks because he was a participant on that traverse. His "historical adventure" is presented with the writing talent of a man who has ghost-written the stories of several of our U.S. astronauts. You can enjoy it by clicking HERE