Art Reviews

Antarctica has a unique, if limited, niche in the arts. Many of the films, plays and music with Antarctica as the central theme have been subjects in the Society Newsletter. A summary is listed below. To go directly to a specific review, click on the link under the "References" column.

Thanks to Valmar Kurol for contributing this information.

FilmHappy FeetJohn Splettstoesser Vol. 06-07 February No. 4
FilmAntarctica at the CrossroadsNational Geographic SocietyPaul DalrympleVol. 89-90 April No. 5
FilmAntarcticaIMAXPaul Dalrymple Vol. 91-92 October No. 3
FilmUnder Antarctic IceNorbert WuPaul DalrympleVol. 01-02 November No. 1
FilmMarch of the PenguinsPaul DalrympleVol. 05-06 September No. 1
Music Antarctica VangelisPaul Dalrymple Vol. 88-89 January No. 3
MusicAdequate EarthRobert Wykes/Donald FinkleSt. Louis Post DispatchVol. 75-76 May No.4
MusicAntarctic ArrivalValmar KurolPaul DalrympleVol. 99-00 October No. 2
TheaterTerra NovaTed TallyPaul DalrympleVol. 82-83 August No. 1
TheaterTerra NovaTed TallyPaul DalrympleVol. 89-90 January No. 3
TheaterAntarcticaDavid YoungPaul DalrympleVol. 01-02 November No. 1
TV Docu-dramaThe Last Place on EarthPBS Masterpiece TheaterPaul DalrympleVol. 85-86 January No. 3
Video90 Degrees SouthHerbert PontingPaul DalrympleVol. 92-93 January No. 4
VideoWith Byrd at the South PoleRucker and Vander VeerPaul DalrympleVol. 92-93 January No. 4