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Antarctican Society Newsletters and Documents 1959-2007

This word-searchable CD-ROM contains the complete set of newsletters issued by the Society through 2007 as well as other special documents including the Society Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation and a special tribute to the late Dr. Laurence Gould. Included on the CD is a file combining all of the documents which is easily text-searchable.


Antarctica Calling

This 3-DVD set features interviews with 30 Antarctic veterans recorded by the late Dr. Ed Williams. Prominent Antarcticans include Dr. Charles Swithinbank, Dr. George Doumani, Dr. George Denton, Dr. Paul Mayewski, Dr. Louis Lanzerotti, Dr. Robert Rutford, Dave Bresnahan and, of course, longtime Antarctican Society Newsletter Editor Dr. Paul Dalrymple. These stories are a real cross-section of Antarctic experiences.