Richard Robinson


Address:  720 N. Filmore Street

                Arlington VA 22201


My interest in Antarctica stems from spending 15 months on the "Ice" from October 1965 until January 1967, wintering at McMurdo Station. I worked for the University of Wisconsin as an Assistant Mechanic under its contract with USARP to maintain vehicles for civilian scientific efforts. I was a traverse engineer on the 1965/1966 second leg of the Queen Maud Land Traverse that traveled from the Pole of Inaccessability to the US Plateau Station. While in Antarctica, the United States decided to begin drafting 19 year old individuals and sought my return as soon as possible. I was able complete my employment contract before returning home where I ended up serving in the Navy as an enlisted petty officer. I was never able to return to Antarctica but hope to do so as a tourist.

I completed a BS in economics in 1973, completed law school in 1977, and worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs for my entire career. I retired from the VA's Office of General Counsel in Washington, DC as the Deputy Assistant General Counsel responsible for supervising attorneys practicing health law.

I am an avid cyclist and have undertaken numerous self planned bicycle tours with my wife and friends throughout the United States and around the World. In addition to cycling, I play volleyball regularly, have undertaken numerous construction projects, and travel extensively.

My wife Sue and I were married more than 46 years ago and have three lovely daughters.