Jim Mastro II


Address: 12 Cherokee St.

               Dover NH 03820


I first went to Antarctica in August 1982. I had signed up to be the Assistant Manager of the Eklund Biological Center (EBC), which meant I would be on-Ice for fourteen months. After that summer/winter stint, the Ice was in my blood. I went next to Bird Island, South Georgia as part of a joint British Antarctic Survey/National Science Foundation study of fur seals. In 1985 I returned to McMurdo Station for another summer/winter in the EBC. I next returned in August 1989 for a summer position in the lab. Then in 1990, after ASA took over the contract, I took on the job of Scientific Diving Coordinator, in charge of supporting all scientific diving for the USAP. I held this job for five years, then returned as a grantee for the 96-97 season (Dive Team Leader for McClintock/Baker B-022-M). After that, I taught college English and Marine Biology for a few years in San Diego. After moving to New Hampshire, the Ice called again. In 2005 I went down as interim manager of the Crary Lab, then afterward signed on to be a senior technical writer and editor for RPSC. Most recently, I have served as a consultant/writer to ITT in their effort to regain the Antarctic Service Contract. I have a bachelor's degree in zoology (specializing in marine biology) and a Master's degree in English with a writing emphasis. In addition to several articles, I have published three books on Antarctica (a memoir entitled ""Antarctica: A Year at the Bottom of the World""; a children's book with photographer Norbert Wu entitled ""Antarctic Ice""; and a natural history of McMurdo Sound, again with Norb Wu, entitled ""Under Antarctic Ice."" I also wrote most of the official Antarctic Scientific Diving Manual, an NSF publication. Currently I have turned my attention to fiction and am in the midst of writing a science fiction trilogy for children. I also have an Antarctic science fiction novel for adults planned.