Thomas E. Henderson


Address:  35 Cherry Street #701

                Burlington, VT  05401


Telephone:  518-888-0387


My Antarctic experience began in 1979-80 on the Ellsworth Mountains Project. I was a member of the U.S. Geological Survey field surveying team. We established control points that were eventually used to cover the area with new large-scale maps. I returned in 1981-82 as team leader of the USGS field surveying team on the Northern Victoria Land Project. Again we established mapping control. At the end of the field season in February, I went to South Pole Station and wintered over as part of the USGS seismic/satellite team. My last trip was in 1997-98 aboard the research ship Nathaniel B. Palmer as a marine technician. I spent six weeks in support of the ROVERRS Project in the Ross Sea area.