Gathering at Port Clyde, Maine

July 20-22, 2018

Some 130 Antarctican Society members, their families, and friends gathered, per invitations published in recent quarterly newsletters of the Society, at Paul Dalrymple’s home in Port Clyde, Maine, 20-22 July 2018 for a weekend of conversation, exchange of ideas and information, and coastal Maine seafood. 

Paul's house from ocean.jpg

Dr. Paul Dalrymple's House on Marshall Point - Site of the 2018 Antarctican Society Gathering

The middle day of the gathering, Saturday, was devoted to talks in Paul’s Garage Theater as listed below.  Articles describing these talks are appearing in the newsletter; Art Ford’s is the first – in the July issue.  Look for more in succeeding issues.

Photographs by some attendees – especially Ken Russell, David and Ruth Kraner, Mark Leinmiller and Millie Eidson – were made available for us to share, and some of them appear here.

Society members, whether or not they attended the Gathering, may be interested in resources brought to bear to make the weekend happen.  Spending by the Society for the tents, chairs, tables, portable toilets, food, drink, and paper plates and the like totaled $6,418.  Financial donations by participants – including more than a thousand dollars spent for donated items auctioned on Sunday morning – totaled $6,471.  The surplus $53 was put in the Society’s bank account.  In addition, several Society members arrived early and/or stayed after the gathering to help prepare for the meeting and clean up.  Others brought consumables or provided services during the meeting on their own to supplement the items acquired by the Society. Paul Dalrymple, as for prior gatherings, generously made his house and grounds available for this special event.  Neighbors Nadine and Greg Mort allowed the parking of cars on their field.  The weather cooperated, giving us dry days and mild temperatures.  The Tenants Harbor American Legion lent its sound system for speakers to use, and the Saint George School lent projection equipment.

Marshall Point Lighthouse.jpg

Marshall Point Lighthouse near Paul Dalrymple's house

Morning talks, Saturday 21 July

Introductions – Society Treasurer Paul Dalrymple

Welcome – Society President Tony Gow

Mystic Seaport and Antarctica 2020 – Steve White, CEO, Mystic Seaport

Charles Bentley (1929-2017) commemoration – Richard Cameron

The Antarctic Eye: Landscape Photography on the Ice – Lynn Teo Simarski

Fifty years of ice drilling in Antarctica and Greenland – Tony Gow

Where Glaciers Meet: The Ross Ice Shelf – John Clough

Afternoon talks, Saturday 21 July

The Road to Gondwana: Cape Town SCAR meeting 1963 – Art Ford  See Art’s article in the July 2018 newsletter

Deception Island, Antarctica’s industrial center – Steve Dibbern

Ten thousand phone patches from Antarctica – Julius Madey

A memorable Drake Passage crossing by R/V Hero – Dick Wolak

My Grandfather Richard E. Byrd – Eleanor Byrd

Swimming to Antarctica – Lynne Cox  See a book review in the April 2018 newsletter

Repowering South Pole Station: alternatives – Steve Theno

Gathering Gallery (click on images to enlarge)