LDCR Austin Richards Schroder Retired

Organization:  member of the USS EDISTO REUNION Organization

Address:  440 W. O'Farrell Street

                San Pedro CA 90731

Email:  ozschroder@sbcglobal.net

Telephone:  310-832-4979

Biography:  Served aboard the USS EDISTO AGB4 during OPERATION DEEP FREEZE 1953-4 AS XO We towed ships through a channel 110 miles long in the first part of the season. The second part was taken radarscope photography of the Ross Isle shelve. During this period we stumbled across Little America 3 built by Admiral Byrd. We could see the bunks where the ice burg sheared off. There were telephone poles above the berg. I landed on the ice but could find no safe way to get into the old station. The funny thing about this discovery was that it appeared in the newspaper in Washington DC, A lady wrote in and said that our ship should push it back in place as this was part of history!!! The ice berg was the size of a small city. During the operation I got to visit Shakletons Shack and Rosses Cabin. The most spectacular view was in Hallet Bay where MT Hershal drops from 10000ft into the bay. My best visit was with the New Zealand crew at there base and listen to the underwater devices they had installed. All in all my participation was very rewarding.