A.J. Oxton

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Don't you think that that's a lot of ice?

Coal and mountains

But no fountains,

Nine thousand feet straight up

From sea to air;

It's just not fair

To be so bare

Of flowers trees and hare.

The dust and rock,

It's not a crock,

There's naught that makes home here.

Except a lichen

Or a krill

Or a penguin,

Seal or whale.

But People!

People struggle to survive,

People build to stay alive,

People try and buy and cry and fly

To get back home where they may die;

But they don't Live

Out on the Ice.

It's not so nice.

There are no trees

To please and ease,

There are no girls and boys to tease,

No cats and rats nor oliphaunts;

Noah's Ark would be so empty

If he had started here.

To what use is all of this but

For a place to sell more beer?