Vinson Massif, Sentinel Range, Ellsworth Mountains

Vinson Massif, Sentinel Range, Ellsworth Mountains


Welcome to the New Website!

The Antarctican Society launched its new website during Thanksgiving week. We hope that you like it!

There are several reasons for this move. The original website was developed by an amateur (me!) using custom coding written in a proprietary coding language called Cold Fusion. It made sense at the time because Cold Fusion was what I was familiar with from my work life. However, the site coding was not up to professional standards and had to be maintained regularly. When the version of Cold Fusion was upgraded, I had to comb through the entire site, identify where the upgrade caused problems and correct the code accordingly. Also, because Cold Fusion is proprietary, we have been paying an extra charge to our host to support the language. Now we no longer have to worry about upgrades or changes; our host takes care of all of that. Our hosting cost before the migration to the new website was $31.95 per month. The monthly cost on our new host, Squarespace, is $18.00. Of course, we will also pay $5.00 per month for a secure login monitor (Sentry Login) and $5.00 per month for an email host (Google Suite) so the overall cost has been reduced slightly. I should add that we were about to exhaust the available space on our old site (3 GB) and would pay a minimum of $8.00 per month for more space whereas now we have 30 GB of space for email and unlimited space for the website itself! Finally, having the website on Squarespace means that if another webmaster were to take over the site, the learning curve would be much less because there is almost no custom coding in the new site.

The content on the new website is the same as on the old site. The navigation tools are slightly different but should be simpler to use.

One tradeoff in this transition is that the new website is not database-driven. As a result, members will no longer be able to update their personal information directly. Members will have to notify the webmaster of the required changes then he will make the changes manually.

Another change is that the Sentry Login security system requires that all usernames be in email format. For example, my personal username is Members who have an email address of record with the Society must now use that email address to login. Those members without an email address of record will be assigned a username comprised of the member’s last name followed by “” Passwords remain the same as those on record for the old website. If you are unsure about what to use, please contact me as soon as possible so we can make any needed changes and clarify your login credentials. I know this will take some adjustment but please bear with me; the change is necessary.

As always, l welcome any comments on the website.

Tom Henderson