Dr. Narwhals Mating MD

Address:  243 E. Putnam Ave

                Porterville, CA  93257

Email:  nmating01@yahoo.com



I'm a family practice physician with a strong interest in working in Antarctica. I'm married to
Gina. I was a Marine, a sheet metal worker and a machinist. I majored in Biochemistry and then
got a MD. My wife and I love the Great Courses. I also read the Sunday Times and the Economist.

If age and building retirement kill any chance at wanderlust, I may take up farming and trucking
in the twilight years. But doing 6 months or the year in the Antarctic, sometimes doing the entire Chautaqua summer program and then several months on the road, sounds like a no compromise paradise.

Organizations:  Geological Society of America, the Oceanography Society, Chautauqua
Literary and Scientific Circle, the American Meteorological Society, the Wilderness Medical
 Society, First Congregational Church of Porterville, Porterville Elks Lodge