Professor Bruce Luyendyk

Organization:  University of California

Address:  4645 Via Vistosa

                Santa Barbara CA 93110


Biography:  I have followed a life of adventure and discovery. Since 1989 I have made nine expeditions to Marie Byrd Land and the Ross Sea along the Pacific coast of Antarctica to study climate history and the formation of mountain ranges during continental breakup, the last being in 2010-11 as part of the ANDRILL Coulman High project. In 1994 I began a research study of marine hydrocarbon seeps at Coal Oil Point offshore from the UCSB campus. My students and I were the first to recognize the ninety-degree clockwise rotation of the Transverse Ranges and other regions of southern California within the San Andreas Fault system. In 1979 I was a member of the expedition that discovered the deep-sea hot vents off Mexico with the submersible ALVIN. After a career of over forty years as a professor I have changed focus to become a writer of creative non-fiction. My project is a memoir of my first visit to Antarctica in 1989. I hope to have a complete a first draft by the end of 2014. Here is the log line: A geologist leads a modern day expedition into the Antarctic wilderness, discovering Earth's secrets and a few of his own. My blog includes excerpts from my first draft of White Ocean of Ice: Secrets of Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica.