Mr. Stanley "Skip" Johnson


Address:  3563 Juliann Cicle

                Lexington KY 40503


Telephone:  (859) 223-1309

Biography:  Was 20 year old regular navy Electronics Technician Attached to MCB Bravo Seabee detachment scheduled for deployment to McMurdo station, Antarctica. Left NAS North Island Cal. aboard the USS Curtiss on Dec 27 1956 at 1026. Arrived Port Lyttleton NZ on 12 jan 1957 at 0849. Left Port Lyttleton at 0920 on Jan 15. Arrived at McMurdo on Jan 21 at 2024. (I have the deck log of the Curtiss if anyone needs it for reference) Left the Ice aboard a MATS C124 on 8 dec 1957 for flight back to US.