Peter A. Hutchinson

Organization:  DEEPFREEZE 61, 62 on USS GLACIER AGB-4

Address:  22501 Griffith Drive

                Laytonsville MD  20882


Biography:  Summer address: Meadowbrook Road (PO 135), Phippsburg, Maine (207) 389-2657 Operations Officer, USS Glacier (AGB-4) 1961-2, home-ported Boston and Christchurch, New Zealand. HUTCHINSON ISLAND 76-47S, 148-53W is one of what I call several "GLACIER Islands", discovered and mapped, then named for crew members during our explorations of the Saunders Coast of Marie Byrd Land. During US Navy and US Antarctic Research Program "Operation DEEPFREEZE 61" in March 1961 we explored the Amundsen Sea Coast; the next year, in February 1962 we went into the Bellingshausen Sea and explored the Saunders Coast of Marie Byrd Land, which is where "my" little island is. (As the shelf melts off, it may turn out to be but another little nunatak.) More interesting, I got to meet and know the late Brian Roberts, imminent British ornithologist who taught me the word "serendipity"; Bud Waite, American geologist who developed radiosonde as a method for measuring rock depth beneath the ice cap; and Arthur Beaumont, itinerant artist who painted a wonderful scene of USS GLACIER in the ice at McMurdo. I'm getting old but obviously interested in anyone with experience from the era, places or people involved, and there's always a bit of single malt handy.