Guy G. Guthridge


Address:  612 South Saint Asaph St.

                Alexandria VA 22314


Guy was a science communicator at the National Science Foundation’s Office of Polar Programs, conveying information about Antarctica and its research to nonscientists by reaching outside the immediate framework of the scientific literature, from 1970 to 2005. There, he developed the Antarctic Artists and Writers Program, which helped to open Antarctica to exploration by writers, photographers, painters, historians, poets, and sculptors. Other Antarctic Treaty nations adopted the model for participation of the arts and letters in their own Antarctic science programs. Work at the Foundation included editing Antarctic Journal of the United States, funding and managing the Antarctic Bibliography, and developing the Antarctic Sun newspaper. He wrote documents and brochures about Antarctica and the U.S. Antarctic Program, was key in preparing a study that won Congressional funding of a new (dedicated in 2009) $180-million research facility at the geographic South Pole, helped develop themes for Antarctic exhibits at museums, and arranged for K-12 teachers to join Antarctic research teams in the field. Publications include Britannica Yearbook articles about Antarctica for 15 years; updates on Antarctica and the Southern Ocean for the CIA’s World Factbook; the autobiographical “Maverick Among Scientists” in the book Antarctica: Life on the Ice (Susan Fox Rogers, ed., Travelers' Tales, 2007); the Introduction to a fine-art book of Antarctic photography, The Antarctic: From the Circle to the Pole (by Stuart Klipper, Chronicle Books, 2008); and "Witnessing early modern Antarctica," the introduction to Deep Freeze! A Photographer's Antarctic Odyssey in the Year 1959 (by Robert A. McCabe, International Photography Publishers LLC, 2010). A 2009 three-DVD set, Antarctica Calling (issued by the Antarctican Society) includes a 14-minute presentation by Guy describing his role in the Antarctic Artists and Writers Program. He returned to NSF 2008-2012 to help document the agency’s lead U.S. role in the International Polar Year and to help produce the 224-page July 2012 report of the U.S. Antarctic Program Blue Ribbon Panel, More and Better Science in Antarctica Through Increased Logistical Effectiveness. In 2014 Guy worked with Paul Dalrymple and the Art of Stewardship project to present an Antarctic Artists and Writers day at the Antarctic Gathering in Port Clyde, Maine. Since 2013, Guy has lectured about the Antarctic during austral summers aboard the cruise ship Zaandam, operated by Holland America Line.