Dr. Edward Joseph Fremouw


Address:  979 Golden Aspen Pl.

                Ashland OR 97520

Email:  ed-fremouw@jeffnet.org


Education: B.S. in electrical engineering, Stanford University; M.S. in physics & Ph.D. in geophysics, University of Alaska. Professional Experience: Auroral observer at Pole Station in Antarctica, 1958-59; Stanford Research Institute Physicist and Program Manager, 1967-77; Physical Dynamics Vice President, 1977-86; NorthWest Research Associates Founder & Senior Research Scientist 1986-2004, President 1986-2000, Chairman 2000-02, Consultant 2004-08. Other Experience: East Shore Unitarian Church (Bellevue, WA) Board member 1978 and 2002-04, Treasurer in 2003-04; Parkside Condominium Association (Ashland, OR) Board member, 2006-08, President 2007-08; Jefferson Center (Ashland) Board member 2006-2009; Mountain Meadows Homeowners’ Association (Ashland) Finance Committee 2006-2010, Chair 2007-08; Rogue Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (Ashland) Board member 2005-10, President 2006-10; Mountain Meadows Homeowners’ Association Board member 2010-present; Rogue Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Endowment Trustee; 2010-present.