Antarctican Society Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Official minutes of the Antarctican Society Board of Directors meetings will be posted here. Click on "Board Minutes" below to display the list then click on individual documents to bring them up in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Current Board members:

  • Dr. John Behrendt
  • J. Stephen Dibbern
  • Mark Leinmiller
  • Lesley Urasky
  • Dr. Louis Lanzerotti
  • Ron Thoreson
  • Dale Andersen
  • Jerry Marty
  • Valmar Kurol

    Automatic Board members:

  • Dr. Anthony Gow, President
  • Liesl Schernthanner, Vice-President
  • Dr. Paul C. Dalrymple
  • Joan Boothe, Secretary

Board Minutes

20July2014 Board Meeting Minutes